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site info  faq is the software-development organization behind A brief discription of some of our proposed projects can be found here. This page contains the links to actual, current projects. All projects are open source, with GPL-compatible licenses.

Combo Community website kit
The code that runs the PenguinSong websites, among others. The web-server side of what you need to run an online community website.
SHAWM Simple Home Audio Workstation for Musicians (Finalist in Embedded Linux Journal's Third Contest.)
What does a musician or music-lover do with a Linux-based set-top box or other small system? Anything they want! It's network-connected, totally silent, expandable, and drives some really cheap heads-up displays.

Each project directory is a direct web view of the project's source tree. In other words, the source tree is the project's website. WebDAV is enabled (read-only), so perhaps the easiest way to browse a project tree is using a DAV-enabled file manager like Nautilus.

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