This is a sample /site/ directory: files in this directory will typically include your site's policies, a FAQ file, an ``about this site'' file, contact information, and so on. See the sample file for more hints.

The file is the global configuration file for the site, consisting of name=value pairs. Values are substituted for ``entity references'' (of the form &name;) in .ht files. If an entity name is defined, it will be replaced with the null string if the name contains a period, otherwise it will be passed through to the browser: this allows the standard entities like   to be treated normally.

The templates/ directory contains template files (makes sense, doesn't it?) that are expanded in place of tags with matching names in .ht files.

If a file called is present in any directory, it will be included in the directory's listing (like this one is). If you don't want the filenames in this (or any other) directory to show up in normal listings, you can create a file in this directory called that will be included in place of the index. As usual, an index.html or file will be served in place of the CGI-generated listing.

If a file called is present in any directory, definitions it contains override those in parent directories and A prefix of dir. is automatically prepended to all of its definitions in order to prevent overriding definitions that really do have to be site-wide.

If you are looking at the source tree in a web browser, you should be seeing HEADER.html instead of