Frequently-Asked Questions
What should I put in this file?
Frequently-asked questions and their answers, obviously.
What should I put in this directory?
This directory should contain information about ``the site''. In addition to the general configuration file, and the templates/ and skeletons/ subdirectories, you should have a or file that serves as a general ``about this site'' and shows up when you view /site/. Use if you want to hide the usual directory listing for the directory.
What else?
This is the right place for things like site policies (e.g. on copying, privacy, acceptable use, and so on), contact information, pricing, etc.
What about the GPL?
It is the opinion of the authors (well, SteveSavitzky at least) that since the /site/ directory needs to be web-accessible anyway, the source distribution requirements of the GPL are automatically satisfied for all files contained in it. If you need one of your (original) files not to be covered by the GPL, you need to note that in the file.