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This directory contains the CGI scripts that comprise the Combo community website operating software.

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Resource Management

A ``resource'' is either a file or a ``collection'' -- a directory. All of these utilities use the same formatting ``engine'' to convert resources to viewable HTML; the main differences is in how they are invoked, and what they do with the formatted result.

All of the following are normally invoked by appending the URL-path of the resource to be operated on to the URL-path of the script, e.g., /Ccgi/view/path/to/

Add a comment to an existing page. This is done by appending the comment to a separate ``comments'' page.
Edit a file or directory using a web form appropriate to its type.
Preview a resource after uploading or editing it. Essentially the same as view.cgi except that it provides controls for
Preprocess a resource that is normally formatted to HTML on-the-fly (with view.cgi) so that it can be served more efficiently.
Process (format) a resource to HTML and serve the result.


Unlike the resource-management scripts, these handlers are normally invoked invisibly by the web server in response to requests made directly to the resource in question.

Handle a web request (GET or POST) directly to a directory. Allows most operations on files in a collection to be done by making requests to the collection.
Produce ordinary directory indices. [Actually this ought to be done by view.cgi.]

Account Management

Log in (or log out)
Register (create an account)

Site Administration

Perform file management operations including downloading (without any of the usual server-side processing), uploading and editing. Can be used stand-alone (=== after some more work ===). Implements a useable, if spartan, WebDAV server. Essentially the same as edit except that it does not use the Combo type classes, and so presents the same boring interface to everything. Does not allow previews.
Site administration tools are in the Admin/ subdirectory.

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