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Community Website Operating Kit

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Combo is PenguinSong's combination of website operating software -- the code that actually runs the PenguinSong websites. It combines aspects of WikiWikiWeb, Slash, and a couple of other things.

Annotated Contents


Project documentation. Eventually, things like installation and operating instructions. Not a substitute for a site's user documentation, but eventually there will be enough for a user to get by on if the site isn't sufficiently helpful.
Binaries (well, Perl scripts mostly) meant to be executed on the website but not directly as CGI's. This includes, for example, cron jobs, setuid programs, and so on.
CGI scripts. Programs in this directory are licensed under the GPL.
Configuration file samples, fragments and templates.
Libraries, mainly the AMP::* Active Markup Processor. Programs in this directory are dual-licensed under the GPL and LGPL.
Prototype site configuration and information directory. On a live site, the /site/ directory is the default location for documents about the site: FAQ's, policy statements, and so on.
Tools used at the command line for configuring and maintaining a Combo-based website.


Copyright © 2002 PenguinSong
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