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This directory contains a Perl implementation of an ``Active Markup Processor'' -- essentially a macro processor for HTML and XML. The basic idea is that, whenever the processor sees a tag, it looks for a file in its template directory with the same name as the tag. If there is one, it gets ``expanded''. Entities (those things like &, which stands for ``ampersand'' in HTML and XML) are used as variables.

AMP differs from most other active-markup schemes in being lightweight, extremely easy to understand, and particularly well-suited to community websites where several people (some of them very inexperienced) may be creating and editing their own tag templates at the same time. Due to its design it is difficult to generate incorrect HTML with AMP, and (in the absence of security-related bugs) impossible to access files that the page author does not have permission to access.

(Please note that AMP, like the rest of Combo, is currently in a pre-alpha state and that not everything is working as it should. Offers of assistance will be gratefully considered.)

Annotated Contents

This module contains the parser for ''WikiWiki'' text.
This module contains the parser for XHTML and HTML.
This module maps global entities to their values, and drives the tag-expansion process.
This module implements color themes, heading and grouping elements, and related stylistic operations. It is used to provide a uniform look and feel for a set of web pages.
This module implements ``tagsets'' -- mappings from XML tags to their definitions, either macros or primitive (Perl) operations.

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